The prevalence of the comfort system comfort of women in the japanese military

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JAPAN Forward

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Japan's politicians have a problem with 'comfort women'

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They became victims of the highest case of human trafficking in the 20th incidental. Aug 28,  · Despite the widespread prevalence of what was essentially institutionalised rape the issue of comfort women was ignored by the International Military Tribunal for the Far East that was established after the war to prosecute Japanese war criminals.

Comfort women

These estimates range from 1 comfort women per military personnel with a replacement rate ofgiving a figure of 45, comfort women, to 1 comfort woman per 30 military personnel and a replacement rate of to givecomfort women. When discussing the ethnic origin of the women, Kim Il Myon asserts that "80 to 90%" of all comfort women were Korean, for a total oftoKorean comfort women.

However, no statistics exist to back up any of these estimates. For over two decades, survivors of Japanese military sexual slavery during the Asia-Pacific War, euphemistically called ‘comfort women’ (ianfu), have been demanding the Japanese government take responsibility for past atrocities to restore their dignity.

Japanese mayor says second world war 'comfort women' were necessary Nationalist Toru Hashimoto provokes anger in neighbouring countries with defence of wartime regime of sex slavery Published: bravery of the women themselves in speaking out about their treatment at the hands of the Japanese military during World War II the story of the so-called ‘comfort women’ is now well known.

From the early s, their fight for justice.

The prevalence of the comfort system comfort of women in the japanese military
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Number of Comfort Stations and Comfort Women