The events surrounding the watts neighborhood riots in california

Watts Riot begins

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On This Day: Watts Riots Erupt in Los Angeles

Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and On Wednesday, 11 AugustMarquette Frye, a year-old black man, was arrested for drunk driving on the edge of Los Angeles’ Watts neighborhood. The ensuing struggle during his arrest sparked off 6 days of rioting, resulting in 34 deaths, over 1, injuries, nearly 4, arrests, and the.

Watts is a neighborhood in southern Los Angeles, California. Special promotion has been given to the museums and art galleries in the area surrounding Watts Towers at East th The Watts Christmas parade was created in by Edna Aliewine before the Watts riots. She put together a group of local volunteers to fundraise and State: California.

Nick Ripatrazone is a staff writer for The Millions. He has written for Rolling Stone, The Paris Review, The Atlantic, Esquire, and The Kenyon Review. His newest book is Ember Days, a collection of lives in New Jersey with his wife and twin daughters. Watts is a neighborhood in southern Los Angeles, is located within the South Los Angeles region, bordering the cities of Lynwood and South Gate, and the unincorporated community of Willowbrook, all in Los Angeles County.

Founded in the late nineteenth century as a ranching community, the arrival of the railroads and the construction of Watts Station saw the rapid .

The events surrounding the watts neighborhood riots in california
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